Why Choose AI Group?

Why Choose AI Group?


  • The English is the official language of study that eases further continuation of post studies and research in international universities.
  • High qualified academic staff that is nationally and internationally recognized leaders in teaching, pedagogical innovation, and legal research.
  • The AI Group creates an academic atmosphere that satisfies students’ desire to learn, think and exchange information and opinions with others in a free academic atmosphere.
  • Sophisticated library that has a collection of English distinguished books and research, references of both paper and electronics copies, the students and academic staff can also benefit from a huge diversity of electronic resources and materials that help them in research and development.
  • The classrooms are well provided with high technical equipment, all class rooms are provided with smart boards, finger prints detector for student’s attendance.
  • Laboratories are provided with high technical and accurate educational instruments to enhance the practical aspect; quality and safety standards are applied in all laboratories.
  • The AI Group supports a variety of sports and cultural activities to uplift the cultural, educational and artistic level of students and to promote their sport skills.
  • Twin ship agreement from High-ranked international accrediting bodies.


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